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Freedman Burnham Engine Corporation Info. Page
Freedman Burnham Engineering Corporation
Walter E. Burnham Chief Engineer

Freedman Burnham Aircraft Engineering Corp., In 1942, manufactured three ground-adjustable propellers for 50 to 90-hp engines. There are three manufactures that make the largest percentage of light plane engines. While these engines are comparable horsepower and rated R.P.M., each has its own individual crankshaft end. Each of these shaft ends has commendable features and is the results of independent design sought out to be the most economical and dependable arrangement best fitted to meet the production facilities of the specific manufacture.

The PC-203 Hub, for the Continental 50hp to 80 hp engine. The PX-203 Hub, for the Franklin 65 to 90hp engine. And the PY-203 Hub for the Lycoming 50 to 65 hp engine.

This wood composite ground adjustable propeller was popular and usually an option on these light aircraft, Aeronca Trainers, Aeronca Super Cheifs, Cluver, Ercoupe 415C, Globe Swift, Interstate, Luscombe, Silvaire, Monocoupe 90A, Piper Cub Trainers, Piper J-3, Piper Cub Coupe, Piper J-4, Piper Cub Cruiser J-5, Porterfield, Rearwind Skyranger, Stinson “105”, Stinson Voyager, Summit HM-5, and the Taylorcraft.

Since the introduction of the Freedman Burnham adjustable-pitch propeller at the Chicago Air Show in 1937, two propellers have received type test approval from the Civil Aeronautics Administration: the Roby controllable pitch propeller and the EVEREL automatic variable pitch propeller.
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